It's been awhile.

May 14, 2019
Will Ribadeneira
Will Ribadeneira

Running a business is hard. Running a business and trying to stay relevant on social media and other outlets is harder. So that's my excuse for my severe lack of blogging for the last year or so..

Markets are spooked due to the trade war and are showing signs of distress. Copper has lost 3% of its' value in the last 2 weeks, aluminums are sliding and steel is downright terrible. Going into our busy season I am not thrilled with pricing but material must be bought and sold anyway. Eventually the markets will turn and scrapping will be more profitable.

Next blog I'll try to think of something more interesting to write about. Until then, keep scrapping and help the world not become an unlivable fiery inferno. Maybe carpool too if you can.


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